[pii_pn_e783f921fe58992a] Error [SOLVED]

This is another type of error you receive in outlook. It is annoying and creates a lot of trouble when you are in the middle of your work and suddenly error message pops up and you are unable to use your outlook anymore.

If you are seeing error [pii_pn_e783f921fe58992a] popping up in your outlook and you are not sure what needs to be done to solve this issue.

Your outlook stopped working due to this error and you are unable to use it anymore and looking for additional help to resolve this issue then you are in the right place.

Here, I will share few easy to follow steps which would help you to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Before you get into the resolution part let us do a through troubleshooting and try to understand why your outlook is throwing such kind of error.

Did you make any changes to your outlook settings and afterwards it started throwing [pii_pn_e783f921fe58992a] error?

Was there a recent update installed on your system which caused this error to appear on your system?

If you are not sure about any of them then no issues at all, we would follow some common steps to identify the cause of this issue and try to resolve it together.

Before we jump into the resolution, let us first understand the root cause of this issue.

What is [pii_pn_e783f921fe58992a] Error Code?

Usually this error [pii_pn_e783f921fe58992a] occurs if you use multiple accounts in your outlook or if your outlook did not start correctly then also you see [pii_pn_e783f921fe58992a] error code.

Sometimes the issue is minor, and you will be able to fix it just by restarting your outlook.

Sometimes, even when your outlook does not start correctly then you start facing issues.

So, all you need to do is that just close your outlook and restart it again and check if that solves the issue for you.

In many cases restarting the application will solve the issue but sometimes you may need to repeat it multiple times to resolve it.

If you were not able to resolve your issue by restarting the outlook then don’t get disappointed, I will tell you the easy to follow steps which will surely help you to identify and solve this issue.

How to Solve [pii_pn_e783f921fe58992a] Error?

As mentioned above, this issue might occur if your outlook did not start properly and if you are using multiple accounts in your outlook.

So, to solve this issue first thing you need to do is try to start your outlook correctly.

Follow the below mentioned steps to star the outlook this time.

Step 1. Start Outlook Properly

  1. Close the Outlook app if it is already running on your system.
  2. Press Windows Key + R (If you are on Windows Operating System)
  3. Type outlook.exe /safe and click on OK or press Enter key.
  4. Select the account from dropdown.
  5. Outlook will open in safe mode now.
  6. Check if everything looks good.

If your outlook works fine in safe mode, then you have now solved your issue.


However, if that did not solve the issue for you then it requires further troubleshooting.

To troubleshoot further on this issue, now you need to look into the account details in your outlook app.

Let’s begin.

Step 2. Check Outlook Accounts

Adding too many accounts in your outlook sometimes might create an issue and stop outlook from working properly.

If you are receiving error and unable to use your outlook to send or receive email messages, then it is better to check how many accounts are created in your outlook.

Also Learn How to Extract Email Addresses from Outlook

If you find multiple accounts added inside your outlook, then it’s a good practice to delete them to eliminate the chances of those multiple accounts creating this issue for you.

To do that, all you need to do is;

  1. Go to File menu
  2. Click on Info
  3. Select Account Settings
  4. Click on Account Settings from dropdown
  5. Click on Email Tab

Now, you will be able to see all the Email accounts added for you inside your outlook.

If you see multiple accounts added there, then it is advisable to delete them from outlook and try again.

Sometimes it might not be feasible for you to delete your accounts from outlook but here is what you can do.

Delete them all from there.

Restart your outlook and add them back one by one.

Start with just one account and see if that solves your issue.

By doing that you will also get to know if there was any specific account creating this trouble for you.

Adding the account back to outlook is an easy task.

You just need to click on New on the sane Email account screen and that will open up a new window where you can provide your email ID and password to add your account.

This will fix the issue for you and in worst scenario if nothing fixes the issue then all you need to do is reinstall your Outlook.

Outlook is bundled with MS Office so in this case you would be required to reinstall your Office once again and that will surely fix the issue.


[pii_pn_e783f921fe58992a] issue is caused by multiple accounts being used on the same system inside outlook which causes interference issues or sometimes outlook does not start properly due to any conflict which starts creating trouble for the users.

Whatever the case may be, you know the procedure now to troubleshoot this issue and apply fixes easily. Follow the steps mentioned above and hopefully, you will have a working outlook soon.

Mike C. Hensley
Mike C. Hensleyhttps://okerrors.com
I am Mike, a Microsoft Certified Professional. I will provide you easy steps to resolve all your outlook related issues here.


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