[pii_pn_60bd665eea55fbf4] Error [SOLVED]

Are you getting [pii_pn_60bd665eea55fbf4] error message in your outlook and are not able to use your outlook anymore?

Looking for a solution to this error badly and don’t know what to do to restore your outlook to its original state?

You are in right place, here you get a detailed, step by step guide which will allow you to resolve this issue by following simple steps.

Error code [pii_pn_60bd665eea55fbf4] sometimes simply goes away when you restart your outlook.

If not at the very first time, then it disappears after a few attempts to restart your outlook.

However, if you have already tried restarting your outlook several times and still see this same message then the issue might be different for you which requires further troubleshooting and restoration of your outlook in order to make it working fine again.

I know how difficult it is to manage the work without outlook. You need to send your business email, waiting for an important email from someone and suddenly this error message popping up on your screen and your outlook stops working all of sudden.

You are completely lost and unsure about what exactly to do now.

You look for additional help and found that the internet is full of crap and is making you even more confused instead of solving your problem.

What to do now?

Don’t worry.

Here, you will find the solution for your problem and will be able to make your outlook working completely fine for you in no time.

So, without further ado. Let me tell you what exactly [pii_pn_60bd665eea55fbf4] error is and how to get rid of it when it appears on your screen.

What is [pii_pn_60bd665eea55fbf4] Error Code?

Most of the time, almost always this error occurs due to the user configuring multiple user accounts within his outlook profile and wrong configuration in some or the other account, leads to an error message and makes outlook to stop working completely.

It has also been observed by expert users that when the Outlook 2016 account is converted to Office 365 and you open Outlook as an Office 365 user then you see this error message popping up on your screen.

In other cases, it is also reported that users encountered the error while upgrading to Outlook 2016 from a previous version.

Whatever the case may be for you. This issue has created a problem which needs to be fixed.

To fix this issue you need to first understand the cause of the issue, what caused this issue for you?

Did you recently upgrade your MS Office from an older version to Office 2016 or any other newer version of MS Office?

Did you migrate from MS Office to O365 version of Office and started facing this issue with your Outlook now?

If the answer to any of the above-mentioned question is ‘YES’ then it would be required for you to reinstall the MS Office or Office 365 on your machine in order to fix the issue.

But if you have not upgraded your Outlook to a newer version or did not migrate from MS Office to O365 and still receiving this error then it is multiple account configured in your Outlook which is causing this issue for you.

So, how to fix the issue now?

By following these simple steps.

How to Fix [pii_pn_60bd665eea55fbf4] Error?

If you have not upgraded your Outlook to a newer version in recent past and still facing this issue, then multiple accounts available in your Outlook profile might be creating this issue for you.

To resolve the issue, you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1. Remove Multiple Accounts from Outlook

  1. Check, File > Info > Account Settings
  2. Click on Email tab
  3. Check the number of accounts added.
  4. Delete all the accounts and leave only the main account.
  5. Restart Outlook.

Now, after restarting your Outlook and check if you still receive the same error or the issue is now fixed.

If your issue is resolved, then you have successfully deleted the faulty account which was causing issue for you.

Since your issue is resolved, now add the accounts back wisely.

Add them one by one and check your Outlook after adding every single account to avoid same situation again.

If removing additional accounts did not solve your issue, then move on to step number two.

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Step 2. Remove the Main Account

Follow the same steps as mentioned above and this time remove your main account as well.

Restart your Outlook and if possible, restart your computer/laptop as well.

Once restart is done, add only the main account to your outlook and check if it is working fine for you now.

Step 3. Add Your Account Back to Outlook

To add your account back, you will be required to follow the below mentioned steps.

But first try with only your main account and when your outlook starts working fine then add the remaining accounts, one by one and check your outlook every time you add an account.

Steps to add account in Outlook

  1. Click on, File > Info > Account Settings
  2. Click on New
  3. Enter mail ID
  4. Enter your password
  5. Outlook will try to fetch the settings based on the account details provided

By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to add the account to your outlook easily.

By following these steps, I am sure you will be able to fix the issue you are facing.


Here you have learned the cause and fix for error code [pii_pn_60bd665eea55fbf4]. This easy to follow guide will surely help you to fix the issue and you will get your outlook back in working condition.

If you know about some other steps which can help users to resolve their outlook issue, then please feel free to share them in the comment section so that other users will also benefit by following the steps.

Mike C. Hensley
Mike C. Hensleyhttps://okerrors.com
I am Mike, a Microsoft Certified Professional. I will provide you easy steps to resolve all your outlook related issues here.


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