[pii_email_5d30e8f8a917731246da] Error [SOLVED]

Is your Outlook not working?

Are you getting [pii_email_5d30e8f8a917731246da] error?

You are not sure of the cause of this issue and don’t know what needs to be done now in order to fix this issue.

You are in right place my friend. Here, you will get your issue resolved.

I will provide you all the possible causes and fixes for this issue and by using them I am sure that you would be able to fix this issue easily and your outlook will start working fine again.

So. let us first try to understand the cause of this issue then it will be much easier to apply a fix to resolve it.

What is [pii_email_5d30e8f8a917731246da] Error?

This issue occurs due to compatibility issue. Many times, outlook profile does not load properly for the user or the outlook tries to open itself in compatible mode and the users start facing issues afterwards.

When this happens, it sometimes makes the outlook unusable as your outlook stops working and you won’t be able to send or receive email due to this issue.

Sometimes, you would still be able to receive the mails, but outlook will not allow to send outgoing mails anymore.

And, many users complain that both incoming and outgoing mails stopped for them due to [pii_email_5d30e8f8a917731246da] error.

Whatever the case may be for you, the ultimate goal is to fix this issue because your outlook is not functioning the way it should.

There are very less chances, but it so happens that the user restarts their outlook and it starts working fine for them, again.

If you also are one of those lucky ones, then you can try restart your outlook once or twice and see if it works fine for you.

If that solves the issue for you then well and good.


But, if not

Then you need to dig dipper and find a solution for this.

I have mentioned few easy steps here which you can follow to solve this issue.

How to Solve [pii_email_5d30e8f8a917731246da] Error?

It has been reported by many users that this error is mainly caused due to compatibility issue of outlook.

If your outlook is running in compatible mode and you start receiving this error message, then it is advised to first disable the compatibility mode and check again.

In most of the cases that solves the issue.

If you do not have additional issue with your outlook, then you will be able to bring it back to working condition by just disabling the compatibility mode.

Follow these simple steps to check if your outlook is starting in compatibility mode and the disable it as per your requirement.

How to Disable Compatibility Mode in Outlook?

If you are using Outlook 2010 then you need to navigate to your C drive, Program Files.

Inside Program Files you will find Microsoft Office folder.

Open that folder and go to Office 14 subfolder inside that.

For Outlook 2013 or later, you will be able to find Office 15 folder inside your C Drive (If that is the installation drive for your operating system), Program Files/Program Files X86 (Depending on the version of your outlook 32bit/64bit).

Go to Microsoft Office and find Office 15 subfolder inside that main folder.

Once you find the Outlook.exe file inside Office 14 or Office 15 folder depending on which version of outlook you are using, right click on it and choose Properties then click on Compatibility tab.

Uncheck the box ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’ and click Apply.

Now click OK and you are done.

You have successfully disabled compatibility mode for your outlook application.

And finally, if you are using O365 and not aware of the path where your Outlook.exe resides then follow the below steps.

  1. Click on Start Menu and find Outlook there.
  2. Right Click on Outlook from start menu, Select More and click on Open File Location.
  3. That will open stat menu program folder for you.
  4. Find Outlook inside that folder and Right click on it then click Open File Location
  5. Now it will take you to the Root Folder of you MS Office (Program Files > Microsoft Office > root > Office16).
  6. Right Click on Outlook
  7. Click Troubleshoot Compatibility

Follow the onscreen instructions to check for any compatibility issue and fix it if you find them.

Now, that should solve the issue for you. Once Compatibility issue is fixed then it is always a wise decision to restart your system once in order to make the changes take effect correctly.

After restarting the system check again if your outlook is working fine or not. If it was just because of the compatibility issue then your outlook will start working again, as usual.

If there were additional issues apart from compatibility the you might still face issues and in that case, it would be required to repair or reinstall your MS Office.


Here, you have learned the cause and fixes for error code [pii_email_5d30e8f8a917731246da] in outlook. I am sure the steps were easy enough for you to follow and you will now be able to fix this issue very easily.

Write a comment below to let others know which of the method worked for you and helped you to resolve your issue.

If you know additional steps which can help users to solve their issues, then please mention them as well in your comment. It will help others to follow your steps and solve the issue for them.

Mike C. Hensley
Mike C. Hensleyhttps://okerrors.com
I am Mike, a Microsoft Certified Professional. I will provide you easy steps to resolve all your outlook related issues here.


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