[pii_email_00d2356353e18037c533] Error [SOLVED]

Have you seen this error code [pii_email_00d2356353e18037c533] on your laptop screen?

Does it seem to be a familiar issue which you are facing currently?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then you have landed on the right page.

Your issue will be fixed here. You will get step wise detailed steps by following which you will easily be able to fix this issue.

If you received this error and your outlook is not functioning now due to this particular error, then you need to follow the steps which I have mentioned below to fix the error and make your outlook functioning properly again.

I presume that you would have already tried restarting your outlook and your system as well after getting this error message.

If not already, then please do so.

Why I suggest restarting outlook and your system once is because sometimes other installed application on your system might interfere with outlook and cause some error for outlook.

So, it’s always a good choice to restart outlook and your system once before you decide to troubleshoot further.

After restarting your laptop/desktop computer, check your outlook again and if you are still facing the same error then you need to follow species steps mentioned below to fix the issue.

By following these steps, you will be able to fix the issue and your outlook will start functioning properly.

Before you jump in directly to the solution of this issue, let me tell you the root cause for this issue so that if you face this issue again you would know the reason why it is happening on your system.

So, let us start with understanding the root cause for this error code.

What is [pii_email_00d2356353e18037c533] Error?

Error [pii_email_00d2356353e18037c533] has been reported to occur due to missing outlook settings. This usually happens due to a corrupt OST file or if your OST does not load properly.

To fix this issue, first you need to fix your OST file. Then, your outlook starts working again as usual.

OST file contains all the information about your outlook account. So, if OST is not working properly then your outlook will also not function.

So, in order to have a perfectly fine, working outlook, you must have your OST file in proper condition.

Without a working OST, you cannot have a working outlook.

So, it is important to repair your OST and only then your outlook will work again.

If you already know how to repair your OST, then its fine. I have also mentioned easy to follow steps to repair the OST file.

This could help you in fixing the issue easily.

So, now let’s look into the steps you need to follow.

How to Solve [pii_email_00d2356353e18037c533] Error?

  1. Close your Outlook first.
  2. Navigate to Documents > AppData > Local > Microsoft > Outlook (Enable hidden items to see AppData folder).
  3. Find your account’s OST file there
  4. Remove it
  5. Reopen Outlook
  6. Setup a new account

It will create a fresh OST file again with all the required settings and you will be able to use your outlook for receiving or sending mail messages again without any issue.

By following the steps mentioned above, you will create a fresh OST file for your account and your outlook will start working as normal.

This is the easiest method you can follow to resolve this issue which you are facing right now.

In some cases, if nothing solves the problem then it might be required for you to reinstall MS Office again as there might be additional issues with your application files which starts causing the issues.


You got all the required steps to be followed to solve [pii_email_00d2356353e18037c533] error code issue in your outlook.

By following the steps mentioned above you would have solved the issue already by now. Hopefully, the steps were easy enough for you to follow and you could easily resolve this issue.

Let other users know if those steps solved your issue or you had to fix it by reinstalling your MS Office application. If you know any other method to resolve this issue, then let other users know about it. That will help many users to solve the problem for themselves easily and conveniently.

Mike C. Hensley
Mike C. Hensleyhttps://okerrors.com
I am Mike, a Microsoft Certified Professional. I will provide you easy steps to resolve all your outlook related issues here.


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